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Kennel 1 Race Results - Track Conditions for Recent Schooling Races: Fast

Race#DateDistanceFirstSecondThirdFourthFifthSixthWin timeComments
 Item 1 to 12 of 1965
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17/24/20213/16526352755268   00.002nd time box
27/24/20213/16527752625272   00.002nd time box
37/24/20213/16527452645271   00.002nd time box
47/24/20213/16526752655276   00.002nd time box
57/24/20213/1652735269    00.002nd time box
17/20/20213/16527552635262   00.001st time box
37/20/20213/16527252645276   00.00Hand Slip
47/20/20213/16527452675273   00.001st time box
27/20/20213/16526852775271   00.001st time box
57/20/20213/1652655269    00.001st time box
17/14/20213/16526252735268   00.00Hand Slip
27/14/20213/16526352715269   00.00Hand Slip

Kennel 1 Roster

RacesDog ID#SexNameSireBroodOwnerWeight
5262Male60A SupermanSuperior PanamaPJ SpeedoflightCathy Ursino75.5
5263Male60B DiggerSuperior PanamaPJ SpeedoflightCathy Ursino75.5
5264Male60C Black MaleSuperior PanamaPJ SpeedoflightCathy Ursino73.00
5265Male60E Black MaleSuperior PanamaPJ SpeedoflightCathy Ursino72.00
5266Male60D Black MaleSuperior PanamaPJ SpeedoflightCathy Ursino72.00
5267Female60G KamalaSuperior PanamaPJ SpeedoflightCathy Ursino59.00
5268Female60H Brindle FemaleSuperior PanamaPJ SpeedoflightCathy Ursino62.00
5269Female60F Black FemaleSuperior PanamaPJ SpeedoflightCathy Ursino64.5
5271Male60D Brindle MaleSuperior PanamaHome Made MoneyCathy Ursino80.5
5272Female60F Black FemaleSuperior PanamaHome Made MoneyCathy Ursino74.5
5273Female60G Black FemaleSuperior PanamaHome Made MoneyCathy Ursino73.00
5274Female60E Black FemaleSuperior PanamaHome Made MoneyCathy Ursino64.00
5275Male60B CrazySuperior PanamaHome Made MoneyElvis Hyden78.5
5276Male60C SmokeSuperior PanamaHome Made MoneyElvis Hyden89.5
5277Male60A Brindle MaleSuperior PanamaHome Made MoneyElvis Hyden77.00