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Kennel 1 Race Results - Track Conditions for Recent Schooling Races: Fast

Race#DateDistanceFirstSecondThirdFourthFifthSixthWin timeComments
 Item 1 to 12 of 1932
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12/27/20213/16524552505256   16.94Excellent Time
22/27/20213/1652525257    17.68 
32/27/20213/1652515248    17.16 
42/27/20213/16525352475246   17.30 
52/27/20213/165255     17.78 
62/27/20213/165249     00.00no go!!
12/23/20213/1652525251    17.36 
22/23/20213/1652455250    17.26Best Time Of The Day
32/23/20213/1652545253    17.45 
42/23/20213/1652565257    17.54 
52/23/20213/16524852465247   17.272nd Fastest Time
62/23/20213/165255     00.00Short Box

Kennel 1 Roster

RacesDog ID#SexNameSireBroodOwnerWeight
5250MaleJailhouse RockTrent LeeHome Made MoneyElvis Hyden87
5246MaleFly N TuxedoTrent LeeHome Made MoneyElvis Hyden80
5245MaleUpfrontTrent LeeHome Made MoneyElvis Hyden81
5248MaleOverboard AgaqinTrent LeeHome Made MoneyElvis Hyden80
5249FemalePurple JetFGF ChisumBlackjack LolaElvis Hyden69
5247FemaleDee JayTrent LeeHome Made MoneyElvis Hyden66
5251FemaleMisty EchoGigawattMisty RosesCatherine Ursino 
5252 SpadesSuperior PanamaCH ShakurbootyElvis Hyden 
5253MaleJK I See Angels  Elvis Hyden 
5254MaleBrutusSuperior PanamaHome Made MoneyElvis Hyden 
5255FemaleJK Ice Cream  Elvis Hyden 
5256FemaleNeed A KissCTW Pipe DownNeed A HugMichael Carroll 
5257MaleSmokemagiccalIlbroWho Says I Can'tMiss CateMichael Carroll