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Kennel 1 Race Results - Track Conditions for Recent Schooling Races: Fast

Race#DateDistanceFirstSecondThirdFourthFifthSixthWin timeComments
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12/17/20203/1652395240    16.79Blistering Time!
22/17/20203/1652445241    17.06Fantastic Race!
32/17/20203/1652425243    17.20 
12/14/20203/1652395241    16.86Flying Finish!!
22/14/20203/16524052445243   17.04Excellent Time!!
32/14/20203/165242     00.00Hand Slip
12/6/20203/1652395244    16.86Excellent Time!!
22/6/20203/16524152405243   17.02Fast Time!!
32/6/20203/165242     00.00Hand Slip
12/1/20203/1652395240    17.00Excellent Time!!
22/1/20203/1652445241    17.12Excellent Time!!
12/1/20203/165243     18.77 

Kennel 1 Roster

RacesDog ID#SexNameSireBroodOwnerWeight
5239MaleJet Jet "Popeye"Superior PanamaHome Made MoneyElvis Hyden81lbs
5240MaleWin Ozwin "Brutus"Superior PanamaHome Made MoneyElvis Hyden78lbs
5241Male"Beefcake"Superior PanamaHome Made MoneyMike Frino79lbs
5242MaleUncut Diamond "Diamond"Superior PanamaCH Shakeur BootyElvis Hyden78lbs
5243MaleAce Up My Sleeve "Ace"Superior PanamaCH Shakeur BootyElvis Hyden63lbs
5244FemaleZippen Zenaila "Spades"Superior PanamaCH Shakeur BootyElvis Hyden69lbs